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Aug 3, 2020

What is Captain Bitcoin?Grab FREE Captain Bitcoin Airdrops Today

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 is a platform built out of frustration with the current blockchain and cryptocurrency landscape.

The founders and many of the core team have been active in the blockchain space for a few years now and feel there are no products designed specifically to drive Bitcoin and cryptocurrency adoption. To tackle this, they came up with Captain Bitcoin, a platform that gives away Bitcoin daily, simply for watching videos and does so, in a fun and exciting manner.

Bitcoin is distributed to our users along with our own CAPT tokens for your engagement with a range of exciting video content.

Why Captain Bitcoin?

Crypto needs a hero, and the true hero of crypto is Bitcoin. As a technology, Bitcoin promises to change the way we communicate value across the whole planet. It’s not just a digital currency, but a technological platform where a radically new global financial system will be built.

Captain Bitcoin is our talisman, he’s the hero that will communicate the message of Bitcoin to the whole world. His goal is to introduce Bitcoin to the masses.

Why now?

Those of you who are interested in crypto probably know that the space is pretty small right now. The crypto believers out there, truly believe that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies are going to change the world. As a decentralized community, we’re spread all over the world and the internet and we needed a home. A place where we can learn about crypto and find out about the latest and greatest projects.

Captain Bitcoin aims to be the focal point on the internet for crypto and blockchain technologies. The way we do that is by collecting the best projects and the latest news and we pay our users in Bitcoin for watching and learning about blockchain.

Is it really free Bitcoin?

Yes! We think everyone in the world should have some Bitcoin and we want to give everyone some. At no point will we ask you to send us money, or any cryptocurrency, we simply want your time.

By watching just two minutes of videos, you’ll be entered into a draw that gives you a chance of winning some Bitcoin. It’s simple as that! The more videos you watch on our platform the greater your chances of winning.

To further increase your chances of winning Bitcoin, users can invite other members to the platform on a daily basis.

If you want to hear more about how we do it, you can read about our Bitcoin draws here.

Join our Telegram community if you have any questions and if you like what you read, help us spread the word!

To the moon!

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