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9月 8, 2020

US media: TikTok is deeply embedded in American society and it is difficult to uproot it

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On September 5, the Bloomberg News Agency website published a report entitled “Faced with Trump’s ban, China’s TikTok rooted itself in American culture.” The report stated that TikTok deeply embedded its business in the United States. Society, while also providing livelihoods for thousands of rising stars in the United States. It will become more difficult to uproot it from the United States. The content is summarized as follows:

James Henry, who is famous for making funny and dancing videos on the short video app TikTok, received an email from the creator relations team of this app in the fall of 2019, asking him if he would be interested in working with singer Mariah Carey for TikTok. Shoot some videos to promote the latter’s Christmas song “All I Want for Christmas is You”.

Henry immediately seized the opportunity. Soon after, he shot a video in a mansion in West Hollywood. Mariah Carey’s record company paid for his filming. But this deal also has something of value to TikTok: loyalty. Henry said: “It really makes me grateful. It makes me feel like I want to keep using this app.”

TikTok, an app owned by Chinese ByteDance, has been cultivating a team of young supporters who dared to express their opinions in the United States, and through behind-the-scenes work to build creators into superstars, using brand agreements and introductions to Hollywood The broker’s opportunity to arm them. This approach is a continuation of the past efforts of Instagram and Vine social platforms to establish relationships with influencers. TikTok has just begun to invest hundreds of millions of dollars to help its stars make money, and this is a step that Facebook’s Instagram has been reluctant to take in the past.

Brett Brun, a former White House official who was in charge of global contacts in the Obama administration, said that this effort has given TikTok an increasing influence on American culture, and this is not accidental. He believes that China and Bytedance are engaged in a long-term game. He said: “This is completely a localization strategy that allows you not only to gain a sense of presence but also to gain respect. For your company and policy decisions, the most effective supporters are those with local influence and local one’s business Partner.”

U.S. President Trump has ordered ByteDance to sell its TikTok assets in the United States and threatened that he will ban the use of the app if an agreement cannot be reached in the next few weeks. This application deeply embeds business in society, while providing livelihoods for thousands of rising stars in the United States. It will become more difficult to uproot it from the United States. The creator said that no one asked them to make a public statement of support for the app, but for some people, this is a natural thing.

In early August, when Trump said he planned to ban TikTok, a large number of videos supporting the app and criticizing the president for not doing business appeared on the app. A few days later, TikTok announced the first beneficiaries of its $1 billion fund, which will help American creators develop their careers on this platform. Soon after, the company launched a TV commercial thanking the creators for making TikTok a ubiquitous part of American daily life.

Kuzi Chikumbu, head of TikTok’s creative community, said: “We reiterate our commitment to making them long-term success on TikTok so they can continue to use their creativity.”

In addition to funding, TikTok is also trying to get its creators to win TV contracts, music contracts and scouts’ favour. These moves may make the app gain more influential supporters in the United States.

When a video of comedian Beauman Martinez-Reid went viral, Chikumbu picked up the phone to see if he needed any help. TikTok executives helped Martinez Reid contact the scout company and finally signed the contract. Now Martinez-Reid has 1.3 million fans.

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