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Jul 28, 2020

TSMC soared 500 billion into the world’s tenth largest stock, pushing Taiwan stocks to record highs

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The global foundry leader TSMC’s stock price rose close to 10% on Tuesday (July 28), and it entered the top ten listed companies in the world by market value for the first time and is on the same list as Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and other American technology companies. In the US stock market, TSMC rose more than 12% on Monday.

The day before, TSMC led the Taiwan Stocks (Taiwan Weighted Stock Index) to a record high since 1990. TSMC’s surge is attributed to the delay in the development of Intel’s technology, it’s US competitor, and the world’s largest semiconductor design and manufacturing company.

Japan’s Nomura Securities (Nomura) global market research team pointed out in a report released on July 27 that the significance of this incident to TSMC can be interpreted as: “Intel has indirectly admitted that it no longer has the world’s leading semiconductor industry. Process’.”

At present, in the competition among the three largest semiconductor manufacturers in the world, TSMC in Taiwan, Intel in the United States, and Samsung in South Korea, TSMC has already produced 7nm and 5nm chips, and its 5nm chips will be used In the latest iPhone 5G mobile phone; Samsung has also mass-produced 7-nanometer chips, and will mass-produce 5-nanometer chips in 2021; only Intel has a bottleneck with 7-nanometer technology.

On the 27th, Taiwan’s Business Times stated that Intel had reached an agreement with TSMC to book a production capacity of 180,000 6-nanometer chips for TSMC next year.

AMD, in order to occupy the processor market faster when the progress of Intel’s 7nm chips is delayed, it will increase the number of orders for TSMC’s 7/7+ nano process. It is expected that the order for 7/7+ nanochips will increase to 20 next year. 10,000 pieces, approximately double this year, is expected to become TSMC’s largest customer of 7-nanometer chips next year.

In the U.S. stock market last Friday, Intel suffered a sharp drop, plummeting 16.24%, and its market value evaporated by 41.5 billion U.S. dollars (about 291.1 billion yuan) overnight, but TSMC was a different story. TSMC surged 9.69% that night, and its market value soared by 33.8 billion U.S. dollars (approximately 237 billion yuan), bringing its total market value to 383.3 billion U.S. dollars.

On the evening of the 27th, TSMC once again ushered in the good news. The market value increased by nearly 40 billion U.S. dollars. After two trading days, the market value increased by more than 70 billion U.S. dollars (about 500 billion yuan). In addition, the Taiwan stock market was driven by TSMC. , Also set a record high.

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