Trump signed the bill, the U.S. stock index hit a record high

U. S. stocks closed higher on Monday, the three major stock indexes were the highest in and close history. U.S. President Donald Trump signed the bailout stimulus bill, removing months of uncertainty and boosting market confidence.

The Dow rose 204.10 points, Or 0.68%, 30403.97 points; The index rose 94.69 points, Or 0.74%, 12899.42 points; The S & P 500 rose 32.30 points, Or 0.87%, 3735.36 points.

On Monday, the Dow rose to 30525.56, while the S & P 500 rose to 3740.51, while the Nasdaq rose to 12930.89, the highest on record.

The U.S. stock market entered the last week of 2020 from Monday, with only four trading days this week and is expected to be light trading. Friday is New Year’s Day holiday, U. S. stocks closed.

Longs expect U.S. stocks to boost from the christmas rally. Usually the “Christmas rally” period refers to the last five trading days in December and the first two trading days of the New year, driven by optimism around holidays and New year, during which stocks tend to rise.

Europe superimposed the European Union’s start to large-scale vaccination Germany’s DAX index also set a record high.

FXTM chief market strategy analyst Hussein Sayed says investors are finally able to sigh today that the fiscal stimulus is over. After avoiding a market sell-off, this progress support the performance of risky assets in the last few trading days of the year.

Despite the positive u.s. fiscal stimulus, weak demand and OPEC meeting next week over-expected production worries put pressure on oil prices; while silver rose, gold futures were significantly shaken by rising market risk appetite in the afternoon. In addition, Bitcoin, once regarded as an “anti-inflation asset “, rose more than $3000 during the Christmas holiday to a record high of $27900.

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