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Jul 15, 2020

The parent company of BitMEX has restructured, and it points to ambitions outside of crypto

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HDR Global Trading, the parent company of popular crypto trading venue BitMEX, announced Tuesday evening it would restructure and create a new holding company to sit on top of the firm’s existing operations.

Dubbed 100x Group, the entity will “pursue a broader vision to reshape the modern digital financial system into one which is inclusive and empowering,” a press release said.

“100x will become the holding structure for HDR and all their other assets, including the BitMEX platform.”

BitMEX is best known for being a pioneer in the bitcoin derivatives market. A first mover in the market for bitcoin perpetual swaps—a futures-like product that tracks the underlying price of bitcoin–the firm has ceded market share in recent months to rivals but regularly sees volumes that top $1 billion daily.

One crypto trading veteran said he wouldn’t be surprised if the new entity explored products like “CFDs,” contracts for difference.

Greg Dwyer, a communications executive at the firm, said it was too early to comment on the specifics of 100x’s ambitions, but added it could dive into “noncrypto at some point in the future.”

In a blog post, Hayes wrote (emphasis is our own):

“100x will become the new holding structure for HDR Global Trading and all our other assets, including the BitMEX platform. This evolution will provide us with more freedom to explore, incubate, and pursue new opportunities and investments, whilst remaining entirely committed to enhancing BitMEX’s leadership position. The BitMEX platform, brand, and legal structure remain entirely unchanged by the launch of the 100x Group, but we will be doubling down on the growth of BitMEX through continual product innovation and technology advancement. BitMEX is, and will remain, the cornerstone of our success.”

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