The most popular investment tool in the United States: Bitcoin ranks fourth!

The well-known Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Bitflyer has published a cryptocurrency research paper that delves into the U.S.’s investment sentiment and trend views on cryptocurrency and compares it with the local cryptocurrency market in Japan.

The report found that there is a clear difference in the acceptance of cryptocurrencies between the United States and Japan. The report poses a simple question to survey participants:

(Legend: “What do you think of cryptocurrency investment?”)

76% of Americans have a positive attitude towards cryptocurrency, while 78% of Japanese have a negative attitude towards cryptocurrency.

These two opposite pie charts show how far apart two different markets are in accepting cryptocurrencies. Barfly’s research does not indicate exactly when the report was investigated, but it can be speculated that Bitcoin’s news exposure rate has surged in recent months, which has increased the US’s interest in cryptocurrencies as a whole.

Foreign media believe that Japanese investors are not interested in cryptocurrency because Japan is generally conservative on new things and unknowns.

The report highlights the rising public interest in investing in a viable financial security network. The study found that 82% of people in the United States invest in financial assets; a report by the Pew Research Center showed that this number was only a few months ago. This has reached 52%. This may be because the new crown epidemic has stimulated the public’s new interest in ensuring their own financial security in the future.

Among investors, Bitcoin/cryptocurrency (does this mean that the American public still believes that Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency itself and the two are the same thing?) has surpassed gold to become the fourth most popular investment tool. And stocks, 401k pension insurance and real estate occupy the top three places that investors are most interested in.

(Caption: “Which asset do you think is more attractive for investment in 2021?”)

Interestingly, by comparing investment sentiment in the United States with that in Japan, the study found that 69% of survey respondents in Japan did not invest in financial assets.

Earlier foreign media reported that in the United States and Japan, men tend to invest more than women.

68% of US survey respondents believe that 2021 is a transition year after the new crown epidemic and plan to increase investment activities, while only 18% of the Japanese plan to increase investment activities.

(Label: Do you plan to invest more in 2021?)

Although there is no plan to increase investment in 2021, the reasons for this plan in the two countries are different. The Americans said that they had insufficient funds due to the new crown epidemic and therefore avoided investment, while the Japanese said they had nothing to do with the new normal of the epidemic. They did not increase investment because investment itself was risky.

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