The market bottomed out in the evening and rebounded, and BTC is currently adjusting around $11,000


BTC continued to fluctuate and rise in the early hours of this morning, reaching a maximum of 11,173.59 US dollars. Currently, BTC is adjusted within a narrow range of around 11,140 US dollars. Most mainstream digital currencies rose to vary degrees in the early morning, followed by a callback, and ETH broke through $340 in a short time.

Yesterday, it was in the process of oscillating and callback during the day. At night, it fell to 10,833 US dollars and started to rebound. The daily line directly turned from yin to yang. Moreover, yesterday’s low of $10,833 is basically the same as the previous day’s lowest position. It is still in an hourly rebound. Today, we have the opportunity to take advantage of yesterday’s bottoming and rebound to continue to test the high.

The last few trading days have been in shock as a whole, and the amplitude has fluctuated up and down 500 points. The most important thing is the rhythm. For example, the market opened the day before, and it was in the process of rising throughout the day until the early morning of yesterday, and it has been in a callback from early morning to last night. The process, last night to the present is the whole rise.

From 8 am to 10 am (within 2 hours), the top three net capital inflows are ZEC (+4.8448 million U.S. dollars), LINK (+2,694,100 U.S. dollars), and ETC (+2,693,100 U.S. dollars); the top three net capital outflows are BTC (-36.2736 million U.S. dollars), ETH (-1.80981 million U.S. dollars), LTC (-3.2911 million U.S. dollars).


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