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7月 29, 2020

The first batch of IoT blockchain standards released by the International Telecommunication Union

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According to ZTE’s official public account, three IoT blockchain projects jointly developed by China Unicom and ZTE and other member units at the plenary meeting of the 20th Study Group of the International Telecommunication Union (hereinafter referred to as ITU-T SG20) were officially launched freeze.

Together with the Y.4464 (Internet of Things Framework) released at the ITU-T SG20 meeting in January this year, so far, the first batch of ITU-T IoT blockchain standards has been officially released, marking the blockchain’s in-things Research on applications in the field of networking has reached a certain depth.

China Unicom and ZTE Corporation have played an important role in this, and their research results have been widely recognized internationally. At the same time, this is also an important milestone for my country to participate in international standardization in the field of IoT blockchain.

According to reports, the three projects frozen this time include a standard supplement ITU-T Y. Suppl.59 (Overview of Blockchain Supporting the Internet of Things), and two standards ITU-T Y.4561 (Blockchain Data Management), ITU-T Y. 4560 (Blockchain data exchange and sharing).

After many in-depth discussions and revisions in the ITU-T Data Processing and Management Focus Group (ITU-T FG DPM) and ITU-T SG20 meetings, it took more than two years, and finally submitted for approval at this meeting and passed ITU-T SG20 The plenary meeting deliberated and entered the publicity stage. Member representatives of China Unicom and ZTE respectively served as editors of the above three IoT blockchain projects and submitted a large number of high-quality proposals.

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