The coin ring billionaire shouted Musk and wanted to buy Tesla with Bitcoin

For Bitcoin to raise $5000 in half an hour, who else is Elon Musk,? Musk suddenly changed his Twitter profile to # on Friday morning bitcoin, while he wrote a mysterious tweet,” in retrospect, it’s inevitable. 」

Although no one knows exactly what the tweet means, fans are filling it out as a message about Bitcoin. Then the whole market blew up.

The tweet and profile changes occurred around 3:22 a.m. EST January 29, when Bitcoin prices hovered around $32,200. Just after Musk’s operation was as fierce as a tiger, currency prices soared, peaking at about $37803, or more than 17 per cent.

However, days later, Musk’s move to modify the Bitcoin label as a Twitter profile continues to attract the attention of the currency circle. Coin ring billionaire investors with about 30,000 bitcoins Tim Draper one of them.

Tim Draper said he was willing to use bitcoin to buy tesla’s CyberTruck, and recommended OpenNode. of his venture-capital firm’s bitcoin payment processor

Hello, Elon Musk, I want to buy a Tesla CyberTruck. while I personally prefer to keep the bitcoin on hand, you can accept the bitcoin payment through the OpenNode launched by our venture capital company.

Is Musk buying Bitcoin?

On Jan.29, Musk’s support for Bitcoin rose 14% in just 30 minutes after a community explosion. A lot of people speculate that Musk may also be one of the high net worth investors who have hoarded bitcoin in the Coinbase over the past week.

Coinbase bitcoin premium has soared to about $200 over the past few days compared with coin security. Coinbase premium usually indicates that American investors are doing a lot of buying. However, Musk’s effect seems to be short-term, overnight, the price trend reversed. Bitcoin, which initially rose from $33000 to more than $38000, fell back to $33000.

Can Bitcoin be a currency?

Musk’s effect is a good example of Bitcoin as a cross-circle network. Despite the growing circle of Bitcoin, a cliche remains whether Bitcoin, like today’s dollar, can become a currency and trading medium.

Ironically, investors are less likely to sell or consume their bitcoins when the price of bitcoins is in a clearly rising bull market. Draper, for example, is more likely to spend $40,000 in cash than what he sees as Cybertruck,” future currency “.I actually just bought more (Bitcoin )…… I’m not interested in switching bitcoin to dollars. Why should I exchange future currency for past currency?

At the same time, the chain data show that Draper is not the only one concerned with Bitcoin’s long-term earnings. In fact, bitcoin “hoarding” reached a record high, indicating that investors hold bitcoin for a long time.

However, if Bitcoin prices can stabilize at a sufficiently high price level in the future while maintaining volatility at a lower level, Bitcoin may then become a more attractive means of daily payment.

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