The American stimulus package is good! The price of gold is close to 1900 again

Spot gold rose more than $8 a day in early Asian trading Monday, trading at 1 Spot silver rose more than $0.5 to $26.63/oz.

Before the United States came a big news! According to Politico reports, Trump has signed the new crown bailout bill to make it law. Spot gold rose 1 percent to $1896.11 an ounce, according to Reuters.

According to American media reports, several sources said Trump’s attitude suddenly turned a big corner. He signed a major coronavirus stimulus and annual budget to avoid a government shutdown by Monday night’s deadline.

A person familiar with the matter has revealed that Trump signed a $900 billion epidemic aid bill and a government grant bill, ending the deadlock with Congress and paving the way for millions of Americans to get economic aid as the new crown epidemic engulfs the country.

Last week, the bill was passed by Congress with overwhelming bipartisan support, and Trump, despite his opposition, signed it under pressure from bipartisan lawmakers.

Trump says he wants the American people to get more money. He has signed the bill with information that “wasteful items” will be removed. Trump also said the House of Representatives will vote on December 28 to increase the check to $2000. The White House has also confirmed.

The probability that the Fed will maintain interest rates in the 0%~0.25% range next January is 100%, A rate increase of 25 basis points to 0.25%~0.50% interval probability is 0; And the probability of maintaining interest rates in the 0%-0.25%~ next March is 100%, The probability of raising interest rates by 25 basis points is 0.

In addition, the spread of new strains of mutation to the world and forced more than 40 countries to impose a travel ban on the UK, Japan announced a month of closure, which caused a rise in market panic. These factors will push gold prices higher.

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