Musk’s next journey, will he point his sword at the cryptocurrency feast?

On February 4th, Tesla CEO Elon Musk posted several tweets mentioning DOGE, which instantly attracted a lot of attention. The highest daily increase of DOGE exceeded 70%.

At the end of last year, Musk made it clear that the future Mars economy may be based on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. Recently, he has frequently released cryptocurrency-related remarks, which makes people wonder: Musk’s next journey, or will he point his sword to the cryptocurrency feast?

The world’s top-class “cargo king”

On February 1st, Musk tweeted that he will be broadcast live on a voice social platform called Clubhouse.

So Clubhouse instantly detonated the social network. To get the opportunity to get in touch with Musk, everyone asked for an invitation code online, and then an invitation code even fetched $100.

Musk quickly moved this app, which was born less than a year ago, from Silicon Valley to the world through a single tweet.

Moreover, Musk made it clear in this live broadcast: “Bitcoin is a good thing, and I am a supporter. I should have bought a Bitcoin 8 years ago. I am late for this feast.”

At the same time, he said that Bitcoin is about to be widely accepted globally. However, this is not the first time that Musk has demonstrated his super ability to carry goods.

According to Sina Technology, in the past 3 years, Musk has directly or indirectly led to at least 18 companies and products, and there is also a nickel concept stock market.

Among them, there are two companies whose stock prices have risen inexplicably because they have the same names as the companies mentioned by Musk on Twitter.

Moreover, usually, Musk just publishes the product or company name on Twitter, without any reason, can get a lot of attention.

A “Gamestonk!!”, the share price of game station GME instantly soared by 60%; a “Use Signal”, in the Apple Store and Google Play, Signal downloads quickly climbed to the top, and the server was once paralyzed.

In 2019, he wrote a joke on Twitter: “Dogecoin maybe my favourite cryptocurrency, it’s so cool.” This tweet quickly brought public attention to Dogecoin.

Not long ago, Musk just changed the Twitter profile to “Bitcoin”, which pushed the price of Bitcoin up by about 18% within an hour.

Twitter has become not only an excellent sales place for Musk but also a weather vane for many investors.

Entrepreneurship legend: create payment giant, build a private rocket, develop Tesla

Why Musk has such a big appeal, this has to tell his legend.

Musk was born in South Africa in 1971 and immigrated to the United States at the age of 18. At the age of 21, Musk entered the University of Pennsylvania to study for a master’s degree in physics and economics. After receiving his degree, he entered Stanford University for a doctorate.

After only two days at Stanford University, he chose to drop out and founded the earliest city yellow pages, and he owned a software company with his younger brother.

In 1995, Musk devoted himself to the Internet boom and was a big success in his first venture, earning 22 million US dollars.

He changed hands and invested the money in his next startup, PayPal, one of the most widely used third-party payment tools in the world.

For ordinary people, being the founder of a top global company has been successful enough, but Musk’s legend has just begun.

In June 2002, Musk founded SpaceX, an American space exploration technology company, as CEO and chief technology officer. He claimed that he wanted to build a private rocket. This idea was ridiculed by everyone.

Six years later, the world’s first privately-built rocket was successfully launched by SpaceX “Falcon 1”. Musk used his actions to make everyone face.

In the six years of building personal rockets, Musk has also done two things.

First, invest in Tesla Motors and serve as chairman of the company.

Second, co-founded Sun City, a photovoltaic power generation company, with partners.

In the year the rocket was successfully launched, the world’s first Tesla car that he presided over was officially born. In the same year, he has rewritten the history of the world’s commercial aerospace and automobile development.

From Internet payment giant PayPal, Space Exploration launching private rockets, to cars and clean energy fields Tesla, behind these star companies, the same person controls the overall situation.

In Musk’s universe, he has the insistence that he will not back down. His next plan is to colonize Mars, and this dream is getting ridiculed less and less.

The other side of “Iron Man on Earth”

Musk seems to have completed these things that others seem to be difficult at the same time in a few years.

It is mentioned in his website introduction: It is said that “Iron Man” is based on his story, and what Musk lived is Stark’s real life, so he is also called “Iron Man on Earth.”

However, Musk has not always been smooth.

As a young Musk, his father had a violent temperament, and he quarrelled with his mother all day, and he had no time to care about Musk. When his parents divorced at the age of 8, he followed his father.

During the time he spent with his father after he became an adult, Musk once recalled painfully: “He has done almost every evil thing you can think of.”

On the road to dreaming, the dream of building a rocket was only spoken out, but he was denied by his hero Armstrong, and he was considered that this plan was absurd and impossible to achieve.

The first three rocket launches failed and the funds ran out. He sold his house and private property and was on the verge of bankruptcy several times.

Life is not just about work. Also, he has guest appearances in many film and television dramas, such as “Iron Man” and “The Big Bang Theory”, and there is no shortage of news about him in entertainment news.

But he is always his master.

When giving birth, directly choose IVF. Looking down on all the schools in the United States, I built my own private school. When almost everyone told him that it was impossible to build a rocket privately, he would also follow first principles.

Luo Yonghao, the founder of Hammer Technology, once commented on Musk: “It is usually not fame and fortune that drives such industrialists to promote world progress, but a strong sense of mission, dreams and ambitions full of personal heroism, and a very small number of people. Valuable with lifelong curiosity.”

Among the many controversies and evaluations of Musk, “People Ta Magazine” has such an impressive passage:

Musk’s invention pulled people out of the progress of the screens of “carving bugs”, and people’s imagination of the world entered into a vast project of “grand narrative”, especially his “Martian immigration plan”, which broadened people’s understanding of the world. The boundaries of imagination.


The Japanese writer Shiono Qiyo said that in the civilization history of human development, there will occasionally be forward-looking people who can foresee the future and know what to do now.

But if you only know, you are just a person with vision. One must be able to see, perceive and practice to become an influential person.

Only a person like Musk with a forward-looking vision can become a pioneer in discovering trending industries. Recently, he has been paying close attention to the blockchain, saying that Bitcoin is about to be widely accepted, and what kind of impact it will bring, let us wait and see.

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