Lily, the 3 year old girl who explains how Bitcoin works with candy
Lily, the 3-year-old girl who explains how Bitcoin works with candy

Lily, only 3 years old, has her own program in which she explains simple things to her followers on Facebook and Facebook Twitter (for the moment). In her fifth chapter, she explains how Bitcoin works with the help of candy Skittles, his cuddly toys and of course his parents.

She started Lily’s show in August 2020, but on February 2, he posted a video of just over two minutes explaining the basic principles of Bitcoin, something that many adults still have doubts about.

The information is based on Michael Caras’ children’s book “Bitcoin Money: A History of Bienville Discovering Good Money ”.

The little girl starts with that Bitcoin is “Decentralized digital money!”In other words, there is no need for a bank, on top of the fact that there are only 21 million of them in the world, and it was created by Satoshi Nakamoto, whom he calls a “mystery”.

To explain how a transaction works, he uses purses with candy and pieces of wood to represent Bitcoin wallets and the blockchain. The various purses are hers, her Teddy bear, a unicorn and Dolly, their cuddly toys.

This way everyone can have sweet (Skittles) goes from one bag to another, represents a transaction that creates a piece of wood, and when several of them are stacked, it symbolizes that Blockchain that no one can see because it’s anonymous.

Lily wonders “Why is it very expensive?”. So he declares that it’s because of the security he has; Money cannot be stolen, bank accounts cannot be hacked, only you have access with a 12 digit code, but if you lose it you are in “trouble” and could lose all of your money.

Finally, little Lily takes off her glasses and tells her mother that she doesn’t need them to look smart. “Stupid mom”. Aside from mentioning that he loves Bitcoins … and Skittles.

The video ends with a QR code for people to donate to Lily’s college fund.

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