It’s crazy! Bitcoin continues to break through its new high ,$41,000!

After Thursday’s Bitcoin price exceeded $40000, Bitcoin was Bitstamp, to stand at the $41000 mark. It is now briefly back to around $40,000.

If you love a person, let him fire bitcoin, because there is a heaven that makes people get rich overnight; if you love deeply, let him leverage, that way, you may not be able to get rich overnight; if you hate a person, let him fire bitcoin, because there is a night of hell; if there is a deep hatred, let him desperately leverage, that way, revenge.

I have to say, very appropriate.

This time, the continued buying and increasing holdings of American institutional investors directly led to a sharp rise in Bitcoin prices.

Compared with the big bull market in 2017, this year’s market is called “institutional cattle “, most of which come from traditional U.S. financial institutions (management, insurance, business, family funds, etc).

Bitcoin is halved in supply this year, and its actual circulation is declining and prices are rising. Its anti-inflation and value storage functions have been further affirmed by the market, and participants have changed from retail to institutional.

It is reported that gray funds have a unique design for bitcoin trusts, in which bitcoin trust funds can only subscribe and can not be redeemed, and investors can only choose to sell in the U.S. secondary market, which is equivalent to transferring selling pressure to U.S. stocks.

It is worth mentioning that the popularity of the encrypted money market is also accompanied by huge risks, Bitcoin Home website shows that in the last 24 hours, a total of 127450 people burst positions, the amount of $1.244 billion, about 8.033 billion yuan.

Every surge will accumulate a large number of profit plates, short-term profit-taking caused by market volatility is also a normal phenomenon, investors should pay attention to risk control.

Rushed to $40,000 in Bitcoin, attracting the envy of investors.

Who holds the most bitcoin?

The amount of bitcoin held by bitcoin funds has reached 3% of the total.

Gray’s new chief executive Michael Sonnenshein predicts that interest from institutional investors such as pension funds and charitable funds will continue to drive Bitcoin up fast.

Sonnenshein said:

We have long seen hedge funds participate in bitcoin investment, and recently, including pensions, charitable funds and so on. The scale of these institutions investing in bitcoin is also growing rapidly.

Bitcoin prices hit a record $40000 on thursday, meaning the asset doubled in less than a month.

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