In 3 years, 18 companies and products have been on fire. How did Musk become the “king of goods”?

The earthlings can no longer stop Musk. It is recommended that major domestic e-commerce companies sign Musk as the “king of goods”.

“At 10 o’clock in Los Angeles time tonight, I am at the Clubhouse.” At noon on February 1, US time, Musk posted this news on Twitter.

In less than an hour, a room called “Elon Musk on Good Time” in the Clubhouse swarmed 5,000 people, and the room was instantly full.

The appearance of Musk directly caused Clubhouse to explode overnight, and even burned from abroad to China. “Do you have an invitation code?” “How much money?” has become the topic of most concern.

The clubhouse is the latest popular voice chat social software in Silicon Valley. It is currently an invitation system and is not yet open to the public for free. That night, Musk was invited to share his views on market-crazy topics such as the immigration to Mars plan, GameStop, and Bitcoin.

A search on eBay found that, at present, the invitation code of Clubhouse has been sold on eBay, and the price ranges from US$20 to US$496. Among them, the invitation code of Musk’s room sells for up to US$800. On Taobao, the price has also been fired to 999 yuan, and 92 people have already paid.

Even more exaggerated, after Musk ended the live broadcast, the market value of Agora, the technology service provider behind Clubhouse, soared, soaring by more than 44%, setting a record high of US$81.48 per share. The unrelated Clubhouse Media Group also followed the stock price soaring, soaring by more than 116%, reaching a high of $17.99 per share.

Musk’s phenomenal cargo-carrying ability is not only verified on Clubhouse. After sorting out, in January this year alone, Musk took on 8 stocks in a month, with gains ranging from 3% to 735%.

Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya can make the server tremble, and Musk directly let Wall Street call “It’s terrible”!

18 companies and products on fire in 3 years

To give everyone a more intuitive experience of Musk’s ability to carry goods, we have made rough statistics on the companies and products that Musk has directly or indirectly led to the fire in the past three years.

Considering that Tesla electric cars, as a bulk item, even if Musk is interested in bringing the goods, he still can’t make consumers chop his hands in an instant, so let’s not analyze it here.

After sorting out, it is found that Musk has directly or indirectly led to at least 18 companies and products in 3 years, and there is also a nickel concept stock outlet.

Let’s first look at Musk’s products on fire. The 7 categories are hats, flamethrowers, surfboards, short shorts, wine, Signal, and a social software Clubhouse. The first 5 products are launched by the Tesla store…

According to rough statistics, only selling hats, jets and surfboards, Musk has brought in revenue of US$113 million for his company, equivalent to RMB 730 million.

Among them, the fastest sales record is a red “short shorts” on the Tesla store in July 2020, which sold out within a few minutes.

Also, there are Tesla surfboards with a maximum price of close to 10,000 yuan, limited to 200 pieces, sold out in one day; the cheapest hat, 50,000 tops, sold out in three weeks; the most “unreliable” is the one called The price of “Tesla Tequila” is 250 US dollars, which is higher than the price of a bottle of Feitian Moutai. The current price of its empty bottle on eBay has been fired to 1420.69 US dollars.

In addition to merchandise, Musk also brought two apps on fire, one is the encrypted messaging app Signal, and the other is the voice chat social software Clubhouse. The former is after the in-depth experience, Musk posted “Use Signal” on Twitter; the latter is because Musk announced that he would participate in the live broadcast in the App, which caused the software to burst overnight.

Next, let’s analyze the companies that Musk is on fire. There are 8 companies in total. They are power battery manufacturer Ningde Times, handicraft platform Etsy, game station GameStop, video game company CD Projekt, game developer Namco, and e-commerce software company. Shopify, real-time interactive cloud service provider Agora, medical device company Signal Advance, and Clubhouse Media Group.

Except for the long cycle of stock price changes in the CATL era, the market value of the other seven companies fluctuated significantly within a few hours or a day after Musk released his Twitter. The lowest increase was 3.5% and the highest surged 735%.

Interestingly, two of the eight companies have the same name as the company Musk mentioned on Twitter, and their stock prices have risen inexplicably. In particular, Signal Advance, a medical device company, just because it shares the same name as Signal, its share price has risen from $7.19 to $60 in two days, an increase of 735%. Among these 9 stocks, ranked first.

In addition to the company and products, Musk’s stronger ability to carry goods also lies in the outlet.

For example, the rise in the nickel sector stems from Musk’s urging suppliers to mine nickel (a key material in power battery cathodes) as soon as possible at Tesla’s second-quarter earnings meeting, which directly led to a two-week increase in domestic nickel concept stocks by 75%.

Also, from the time point of view, Musk’s ability to bring goods was concentrated in January this year, and the direction of the goods was no longer focused on promoting his own peripheral products, but expanding his sights and “selling” other companies.

However, Twitter is still his main position.

Cargo master in the game field

After experiencing Musk’s super ability to carry goods, let’s take a look at which field he often carries goods and which products he loves most.

The red “Short Shorts” is specially mentioned here. In English, “short” and “shorts” are the same English word “Short”.

Short shorts sold in the Tesla store

Tesla used to be one of the most short-selling stocks, and Musk’s grudge with the shorts has a long history.

As early as 2018, after Tesla announced its second-quarter earnings report, Musk promised to send short shorts to Tesla’s shorts, mocking them for shorting Tesla. David Einhorn, Tesla’s big short and the founder of Greenlight Capital, also posted the 1.0 version of short shorts that Musk sent him on social media.

In 2020, Musk redesigned this short shorts, the colour changed to red, more eye-catching, the fabric was upgraded from pure cotton to silk, and even inlaid with gold edges, printed with Tesla LOGO and the four model abbreviations “S3XY”, Shelf directly in the store.

Not only fulfilled the promise, but also satirized the short-seller, promoted the brand, and sold the money, Musk got four birds with one stone.

In addition to love to bring some wild products, Musk is most keen on games. Of the eight companies mentioned earlier, three are game companies.

For example, the stock price of video game company CD Projekt rose because Musk posted photos of the new Model S Plaid on Twitter, and in subsequent interactions with netizens, he said that this Tesla can play “The Witcher 3”, “Cyberpunk 2077” and other games.

As a heavy two-dimensional player, Musk will naturally not be stingy in complimenting the cartoon image. Name Palace’s stock rose because Musk posted a tweet on Twitter with a photo of Yumizu Sachiko, who is very popular on the Internet. And this character image comes from the “Idol Master” series of Bandai Namco.

The anime character of Yumizu Sachiko in The Idol Master

After posting this tweet, Musk also entered the Japanese trend list with Yumizu.

Musk’s love for the two-dimensional culture has a long history. As early as 2018, he said that he liked the popular animations “Your Name”, “Princess Mononoke” and “Neon Genesis Evangelion”, etc., and once used his avatar Edward, who was replaced by “Fullmetal Alchemist”, even jokingly called himself “Elon Sauce”.

Silent delivery method

Set off the biggest outlet

Unlike Wei Ya, Li Jiaqi and other Internet celebrities who brought the goods, sitting in the live broadcast room and explaining the products, Musk’s method of bringing the goods was simple and straightforward. When you typed an English word on Twitter, netizens swarmed.

Musk joined Twitter in June 2009 and currently has more than 44.9 million followers. Most of them are attracted by Musk’s true temperament.

Tesla employees have also said that Musk is the company’s best marketer, and his Twitter is Tesla’s best advertising marketing and the largest source of traffic. Because of this, Musk is particularly opposed to the company’s paid advertising. He believes that it is completely unnecessary. You can achieve the effect of publicity by tweeting yourself.

At the end of 2018, when Musk was interviewed by the American television news magazine “60 Minutes”, he even proudly said: “You use your hairstyle to express your personality, and I use Twitter.”

In this main battlefield, Musk led 11 companies and products on fire, and he never used the words to be muddled.

The shortest word “Bitcoin”, “Gamestonk!!”, the longest is no more than 20 words, and the fewer the words, the bigger the wave.

Musk Twitter feed

The Twitter profile was changed to “Bitcoin”, and the price of Bitcoin increased by 18% within one hour; “Gamestonk!!”, the share price of game station GME soared by 60%; “Use Signal”, downloaded from the Apple Store, Google Play, and Signal The volume quickly climbed to the first place, and the server was once paralyzed.

In addition to posting and changing signatures, a thumbs-up from Musk can also cause stock market volatility. This silent method of bringing goods, except for Musk, is probably unmatched.

However, Musk’s tweets, which seem to be arbitrary, have actually been carefully planned and prepared.

Foreign media technology columnist Elizabeth Lopatto once pointed out that for example, Musk sells hats, surfboards and flamethrowers, and it has three meanings: one is to give fans a chance to show loyalty, just like band commemorative shirts sold at concerts. , Can further consolidate the fan community; secondly, to prove his magic, can effortlessly turn his wonderful ideas into reality; thirdly, these products make The Boring Company more interesting, and let people see this company in addition to income, there is another goodwill.

Also, Tesla’s popular Shopify, video game Cyberpunk, encrypted messaging application Signal, Dogecoin and game station is either related to the company or Musk’s personal interests.

For example, Shopify is a Canadian website building platform with over 1 million registered merchants, and the website selling peripheral products under SpaceX was created with Shopify’s website building tool.

Dogecoin is not the first time Musk mentioned on Twitter. In 2019, he said that Dogecoin is his favourite cryptocurrency and he holds a certain amount of Dogecoin. Before changing the signature on Twitter to Bitcoin, Musk was still the “former CEO of Dogecoin.”

Internet celebrities generally have their own areas of expertise. Li Jiaqi focuses on beauty, Wei Ya focuses on clothing and food, and Luo Yonghao focuses on technology products. Musk can open up a new field with huge traffic, video games and two-dimensional, game players And the otakus will definitely respond.

Finally, it is strongly recommended that Douyin replace the contracted anchor Luo Yonghao with Musk so that you do not need to spend 2.2 billion on advertising on the Spring Festival Gala, and you do not need to tear up with Tencent. As long as one Musk, you can directly turn Li Jiaqi + Wei Ya and become The second Taobao live broadcast empire.

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