Google Photos gets new paywall editing features for Google One subscribers

Google is adding Pixel-specific editing features to Google Photos for all Android users, but if you don’t have a Pixel, you’ll need to use it with a paid Google One subscriber.

The paywall editing feature has long been rumoured, but today a new program has been officially announced. Specifically, Google offers some of the latest machine learning-powered editing tools, including enhanced Portrait Blur, Portrait Light, and Color Pop features. These features were launched last fall with the Pixel 5 to a wide range of users.

As Google revealed to The Verge when Paywall was first discovered, the company hasn’t removed features from existing versions such as Portrait Blur and Color Pop from free Google Photos users. The current iteration of these features, which work with new photos that provide depth data, such as portrait mode shots, continues to work for everyone.

But the new Pixel and subscription-only version promise to take things one step further and allow users to apply their effects (through the power of machine learning) to older photos that don’t have existing depth data. I will. Pixel users will continue to have free access to features regardless of whether they are enrolled in Google One.

In addition to the new editing features, Google also offers a new AI-powered filter. This is a new dynamic option that automatically enhances brightness and contrast, and a skyline suggestion that fine-tunes the skyline for more dramatic effects.

Google One subscriptions start at $ 1.99 per month and are primarily focused on expanding storage for Google services (for example, the base plan offers 100GB of space for the 15GB of free storage included. Masu). Google also offers subscribers additional perks to help loosen contracts, such as Google Store rewards, as new Google Photos editing features are likely to be part of that plan. I will.

It’s also worth noting that Google is expanding its photo-focused service on Google One just months before ending Google Photos’ free unlimited storage program. In short, the company may promote Google One as a solution for users who need more storage space. Also their photos.

Finally, Google announced that it will introduce some feature equivalence between iOS and Android versions of the app. The Android version is set to get the improved video editor that Google already offers for iOS in the coming weeks. The iOS version will be updated in the coming months to receive the new photo editor that Google introduced last fall.

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