Global APP spending hit a record high in 2020

A new crown has transformed life around the world, leading to a surge in spending on APP used, such as smartphones. In 2020, an increase of 30 per cent over the previous year, to $110.9 billion, a record high.

The pressure on Google and Apple, which have access to distribution and fees, is likely to intensify.

U.S. survey company Sensor Tower recently released the 2020 global consumer APP expenditure amount (provisional value).

Since 2016, the company has counted the purchase, subscription and APP fees of paid APP as APP expenses, and the amount in 2020 has increased to about 2.5 times that of 2016. Including by 2015,2020 has set a record high.

Of the $110.9 billion, the game was $79.5 billion, or more than 70 percent.

Tencent Holdings to develop the “PUBG Mobile” of the most expenditure, in Japan is also popular” Elf Baokeng GO” also ranked third.

With the exception of games ,” TikTok”、”YouTube” and dating APP “Tinder” are in the forefront.

The epidemic has increased the use of games and videos

Apple’s “AppStore” is $72.3 billion and Google’s” Google Play” is $38.6 billion, according to the operating system.

Google’s “android” products are more widely available, but apple’s dominance continues. From the number of downloads, the total increase over the previous year 24, to 142.9 billion times.

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