First break $40,000! Crazy Bitcoin: Prices doubled in less than a month

On Thursday, Bitcoin continuedied march on Thursday, breaking the $40,000 mark and hitting a record high again, with intraday amplitudes $1,000.

Notably, Bitcoin just exceeded $20,000 on December 16 last year, followed by $30,000 on January 2, and Bitcoin prices have doubled in less than a month.

The recent rise in bitcoin has been driven by many factors, including institutional investor entry, global central-bank easing, the limited number of bitcoins, and the market fanaticism that inspired the $20,000 breakthrough “behind the scenes “.

Bitcoin’s rise can not be separated from the rise of many retail investors, the fear of caused many investors to flock in, but also may lead to a sharp correction in the future, for speculators, The soaring and plummeting bitcoin can be heaven or hell.

According to data Flipside Crypto by research institutions, the number of active bitcoin accounts is close to an all-time high at the end of 2017, and market analysis may be a signal that some holders intend to sell.

As the market rose, Bitcoin’s attitude remained polarized. In a recent study, JPMorgan said Bitcoin could reach $146000 in the long run, but to reach that price, Bitcoin’s volatility must be greatly reduced.

The bearish insist bitcoin is a bubble, Rosenberg Research economists and strategists David Rosenberg say:

In such a short time, the parabola of Bitcoin is very abnormal.

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