Fined $573 million! Consulting giant McKinsey accused of contributing to the U.S. opioid crisis

On February 4, Reuters quoted people familiar with the matter as saying that consulting giant McKinsey had agreed to compensate US$573 million and reached a settlement agreement with the attorneys-general of 43 U.S. states, Washington, DC, and 3 territories to end the investigation against McKinsey. Allegations.

Previously, McKinsey was investigated and accused of being involved in the American opioid crisis and providing improper advice on the sale of the painkiller OxyContin, a painkiller by Purdue.

According to people familiar with the matter, McKinsey has reached a settlement agreement with the Attorney Generals of 43 U.S. states, Washington DC, and 3 territories.

According to previous reports in the US media, in November last year, Purdue Pharmaceuticals, a US opioid manufacturer, admitted that it played an ugly role in the opioid crisis and encouraged pharmacies and doctors to mass promote its opioids through bribery and other means. OxyContin”.

Later, it was reported that, as the management consultant of Purdue Pharmaceuticals, McKinsey had put forward several bad suggestions to allow Purdue Pharmaceuticals to continue to increase the sales of OxyContin in the case of severe opioid abuse in the United States.

One of the worst suggestions is that if OxyContin sold by Purdue Pharma’s distributors causes purchasers to become addicted, Purdue Pharma will provide distributors with discounts and rewards for every drug addiction incident. The price is $14,810.

After the incident was exposed, McKinsey said that it has been cooperating with the relevant investigations of the U.S. judicial department, and announced in 2019 that it would stop providing consulting services to its global customers involving opioid drugs.

Opioids are derivatives extracted from the opium poppy or artificially synthesized substances with similar effects. After interacting with opioid receptors on the human brain nerve cells, they can play an analgesic effect. However, long-term and overdose use can bring drug dependence, addiction and death risks.

According to data from the US government, from 1999 to mid-2018, opioid abuse caused more than 450,000 deaths across the United States.

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