ETH break $720, ethernet will be a game changer?

Just yesterday, Bitcoin walked out of the sky, once quickly breaking through $28000 and then adjusting slightly. The market said it was a massive Bitcoin price rebound that did not seem to stop soon.

As Bitcoin grew sharply, shanzhai coins followed. OKEx market showed that the ETH rose in a short period of time, breaking 720 USDT, to a record high of 725.78 since May 2018;723 USDT,24 hour is now up 11.05.

Many analysts believe that the etherhouse price rebound is just beginning, and 2021 may be the year etherhouse changed the rules of the game.

Note that, in terms of percentage returns, ETH actually outperformed BTC. in 2020 ETH returns have been 400 per cent since the beginning of the year and 300 per cent BTC.

According to many market analysts ,2021 may be the ETH year. Like bitcoin, institutional interest in ethernet is growing, albeit slowly. gray etherhouse trust (ETHE) has seen significant investment from institutions in the past few months.

ETHE currently manages more than $1.7 billion in managed assets. ETHE shares have risen 700% since the beginning of the year. A number of analysts believe that once the Bitcoin rally cools, money will begin to flow into counterfeit coins, ETH will be the first choice for investors.

And just two weeks ago, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) announced that it would start trading cash-settlement etheric futures in February 2021. And this will be an important trigger for pulling institutional funds into the ETH.

To mention, CME was the first to launch Bitcoin futures trigger BTC in December 2017.

ether workshop is highly likely to exceed the historic high of $1400 in 2021, which means we will see nearly 100% price appreciation in the next year.

In addition, in addition to Ethernet Square, there are some other counterfeit currency worthy of attention. Wright coin has become a powerful player, earning 90% last month. And other players like Boca and Chainlink have made good progress this year. Ada has made significant improvements in its block chain fundamentals.

Yet the fate of Ripple’s XRP is in the air. The recent us SEC lawsuit against Ripple could lead to a war between regulators and the blockchain startup. Investors may wait for the dust to settle before more clarity emerges.

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