Coming to an end in 2020, take stock of classic digital products that are about to stop production

The 2020 progress bar has passed 95%, this year too many products have become the hot spot of discussion, but there are also many products that are about to stop production and leave us, they are so classic that even if the countdown should not be forgotten by us.

So today, we might as well take stock of these 2020 shutdown electronic products.


During the SLR’s gradual decline in 2020, Canon took out its strongest flagship product EOS R5, also marking its ability to take care of the camera again. At the same time, Canon also announced that a generation of classic EOS 5DS、EOS 5DS R will be discontinued.

The EOS 5DS、EOS 5DS R released in February 2015 represented the pride of SLR products, both with 50.6 million pixel full-picture CMOS image sensors. The pixel record was not set by Sony’s 61 million pixels until July 2019. These two models are about to stop production, but I believe many loyal Canon users will miss them.

Xbox One X 和数字版 Xbox One S

With Microsoft, Sony has launched the next generation of game host Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, game field has finally entered a new era ,8 K,120 frames, ultra-high speed SSD, ray tracking…… These features that we most expected in the past are all in the new generation of game hosts and make us excited about the new generation of games.

Unfortunately, the old machines of the past are also slowly coming to an end, Microsoft Xbox One X and digital Xbox One S are about to stop production, although they do not mean that they will soon disappear, but probably will gradually be forgotten.

iPad mini

When it was released in 2012, the first generation iPad mini, when it was released, the smartphone screen size was still about 4 inches, and now eight years later, apple stopped production iPad mini the first generation of products, and the size of the phone screen was approaching iPad mini, It really makes people feel the times are changing rapidly.

Still, iPad mini is an entertainment artifact for reading e-books, watching videos, and playing games, and that’s not much of a change today. You may take a larger screen iPad to write and take notes, but on the iPad mini, it’s a tool for reading, watching videos, playing mobile games, and covering noodles.

From the first generation to the present fifth generation, the iPad mini appearance has hardly changed, and it also shows how good the design was at that time, but I still look forward to its future update when it can change the appearance.

Nintendo 3 DS

According to Nintendo’s official website on September 17, the Nintendo 3DS series has been shut down.

With 690000 older handheld consoles sold in 2019, its shutdown means that the handheld era is really over, and it’s hard to avoid being sad. After all, with “Selda Legend of the flute 3 D》《 Monster Hunter 3 G》《 Marion 7” and many other classic works ,3 DS has brought us a lot of joy.

But we have to admit that today’s powerful smartphones have almost replaced the position of the palm machine, even if the brain is inspired, entertainment spirit of the old man is difficult to find a new way to make the palm machine again brilliant, this is the inevitable result of the development of the times.

But we don’t have to regret, NS Lite success let us see the continuation of the spirit of the palm, if you are still reluctant to 3 DS, it may be time to collect one at home.

iPhone 5c

Strictly speaking iPhone 5c is not iPhone only plastic phone in Apple’s history, but it is the most fashionable plastic model. iPhone 5c will officially stop production this year, but when it was first released, many people also moved.

Although iPhone 5c is just an ordinary polycarbonate material, Apple has brought an absolutely light and comfortable feel through integrated molding technology, plus no antenna seams, but it doesn’t feel inferior to feel inferior to the metal material. It also looks younger and more energetic.

Since iPhone XR, apple has returned to colorful design, easily reminiscent of their relationship with iPhone 5c, except that imperfect plastics are replaced by popular glass and metal, but the core inherits iPhone 5c youth.

The wheel of history rolling forward, new people laugh old people cry, even digital products, once the classic in 2020 will also step down the stage to give way to new people. But even if they eat ash in the storage room, those good memories will not be forgotten, I do not know that you are reading the article have ever used them?

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