Blood all night! American retail investors were encircled, Gamestop once fell more than 60, fuse 17 times!

American retail and Wall Street duels continue, game post madness is still on.

As of the close, the United States three major stock indexes closed up. The Dow rose 0.99, the Nasdaq rose 0.5 and the S & P 500 rose 0.97. Game post closed down more than 44, but after-hours data show that has risen nearly 35.

At present, the short-term margin fee of the game post has reached an astonishing 30.6%, but the short position of the GME is increasing, and the person responsible for providing real-time daily short position tracking data said that the current shorted share ratio still reached 139.7%, which is close to the high of the beginning of the month. This may mean that the real multi-space war is far from over!

PCCW announced restrictions on options trading such as AMC cinema, BlackBerry, Express、 game post, Gao Si Electronics, etc., requiring 100% margin for long and 300% margin for short before further notice. Futu Holdings said on Thursday that GME、AMC stocks had been banned from opening positions because of upstream restrictions (not affected by closing positions) and that several local U.S. brokers had banned some of these stocks.

Gamestop 17 fuses

On the evening of the 28th, after the opening of the U.S. stock market, the share price of the game post once plummeted 24%, then rapidly pulled up, during the period triggered a fuse, up to $483 per share, up as high as 40%, and then quickly diving, once fell more than 67%, the game is quite fierce. News that brokers would enforce trade restrictions put pressure on share prices.

As of the close, the stock experienced 17 fuses, once every 3 minutes to suspend trading once ,1 minute after the suspension of 3 minutes trend.

Gamestop, a gaming retailer based in texas and founded in 1984, has been on the market for nearly 10 years. One of the forces driving the stock up is retail investors gathered Reddit major social networking platforms in the united states. On similar interest community platform, a stock trading community called WallStreetBets,, translated by some media as “wall street casinos “, gathered nearly 3 million members to fight wall street’s large institutions by calling on members to buy some seriously short stocks.

Gamestop shares were below $3 at their April lows in April, and close overnight on the 28th of local time, the stock has risen to nearly $348, and through the past year’s chart, it can be seen that the crazy rise in the stock in the recent period, and rose at a rocket rate, the past five trading days rose 788.32 percent, the trend is extremely volatile.

Confronted with their push, Citron, a leading short-selling ——, said on January 19 that it expects the stock to fall to $20, further fuelling retail investors, who buy game post stocks while buying a large number of call options, and short-selling investors who have to buy stocks to reduce losses as share prices rise, the superposition of these three forces has further amplified the increase.

Under the pressure of these retail investors, short game post investors lost $91 billion in January ,10 billion U.S. hedge have closed their short positions on GME, and other short agencies are trembling.

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