Blame each other! Apple and Facebook have been completely torn apart by antitrust scrutiny

Apple CEO Tim Cook attended a European computer and CPDP conference on Thursday, Jan.29, local time, and delivered an opening speech called Enhancing User Selection and Enhancing User Trust in Advertising. Cook strongly condemns the reliance of companies such as Facebook on business models that collect user data, saying it can lead to widespread misinformation, distrust and even real-world violence.

During the speech, Cook talked about a variety of issues, including Apple’s concerns about privacy and security in the technology industry, Apple’s hopes for future change, what Apple is doing to protect privacy, and the danger of Facebook relying on mobile phone user data business models. He reiterated that in many cases, people are no longer regarded as God’s customers, but companies sell products to advertisers.

Cook stated:

As I said before, if we think anything in life can be aggregated and sold, although it is normal and inevitable, what we lose is not only data, but also the freedom to be human.

Although Cook did not mention Facebook name, the latter’s business model was always the target of his criticism. He said:

At a time when false information and conspiracy theories are rampant, we can no longer ignore such a technical theory. This theory holds that all contacts are good, and the longer the better. The negative consequences of such models could undermine public trust in life-saving vaccines, create polarization and even perpetuate violence by extremist groups in the real world.

Facebook is also reported to be preparing an antitrust lawsuit against Apple. Sources told the media that Facebook had been working with outside legal experts for months on the case.

Apple will be accused of abusing its market power to force third-party developers, including Facebook, to follow a different set of rules that apple-brand apps don’t follow. For example, Apple forces external developers to use their application-in-app payment services rather than external developers themselves.

And the lawsuit will target Apple’s ban on messenger apps as Apple’s default platform. Besides, Facebook may invite other companies to jointly bring the lawsuit.

However, in a media statement, the Facebook spokesman did not confirm the proceedings, but said,

We think Apple does have anti-competitive behavior. And the company uses its control of the App Store at the expense of app developers and small businesses.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

At present, Facebook and Apple, as well as Amazon and Google, are facing antitrust scrutiny in the United States. Apple CEO Tim Cook and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg both went to Congress in July to be questioned by lawmakers as part of an antitrust investigation.

Both companies are under a lot of pressure, but for different reasons: Facebook are under pressure from their lucrative advertising business under pressure from its app store policy.

The two companies also blamed each other for their user data collection. In a letter to privacy groups last november, apple accused Facebook “of collecting as much data as possible” and “ignoring users’ privacy “. Facebook side responded that apple abused its dominant position in the market to collect data according to “its own preferences “.

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