Bitcoin’s total market value of more than $500 billion is expected to increase attention to the concept of digital currency

27 December, Bitcoin continues to rise at night, Once close to $27,000 a piece, With a record high, For the purposes of this report, The increase is over 8% in 24 hours. Bitcoin’s total market value exceeded $500 billion, Another record high. For the past two weeks, Currency prices rose nearly 30 percent; Overall, Bitcoin has more than tripled from its March-year low.

In addition, Turkey’s central bank governor told lawmakers on Friday that Turkey will start experimenting with previously undisclosed digital currencies in the second half of 2021. Looking back at 2020, central banks competed for digital currency research and development and testing. The new crown epidemic has accelerated the trend of cash-free payments, and the world is accelerating the development of central bank digital currencies. According to the survey released by the Bank for International Settlements ,80 percent of the world’s 66 central banks said they were studying digital money technology, up from 70 percent last year, and about 20 percent said they were likely to issue digital money in the next six years, showing that countries were pushing forward with central banks’ digital money.

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