Bitcoin’s rally continues, driving Coinbase’s valuation to exceed $100 billion

As the price of Bitcoin has risen, the average clearing transaction price of Coinbase stock, a major cryptocurrency exchange on the Nasdaq private equity market, continues to rise.

According to data from the Nasdaq private equity market, the average liquidation price of Coinbase’s secondary equity market this week is $373 per share. Based on this price, the company’s value will reach $100.03 billion.

The Nasdaq private equity market launched a secondary market for Coinbase stock on January 25, which allows shareholders with vested interests to sell shares. The Nasdaq private equity market provides services for companies that have IPOs, including “providing a controlled liquidity plan for pre-IPO companies that want to raise secondary capital for shareholders and investors.”

At that time, the average liquidation price of Coinbase stock was only $200, and the current price has increased by 85% compared to before. This shows that before the direct listing of Coinbase on Nasdaq, deep-funded investors were full of desire for Coinbase’s equity.

The secondary issuance of Coinbase shares allowed former employees and investors of the crypto exchange to sell their shares. The second issue starts on Monday morning and ends every Thursday afternoon. The auction and liquidation process takes place after the market closes, and the results will be announced on Friday morning.

The listing of Coinbase is one of the most concerning events in the crypto industry in 2021, which means that the crypto industry is truly accepted by mainstream investors.

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