Bitcoin prices have soared this year, and early holders have become rich. Can they still invest now?

Recently, people in the currency circle began to be a little uneasy, and since the price of bits this year broke the record again, the early holders have made a lot of money and red light.

Many people actually look very jealous, after all, the two coins are tens of thousands of dollars worth here. But what you need to know is that if you invest, you still need to have some common sense, even a keen sense of touch.

Among the many ordinary people, most of them have high expectations and do not get the corresponding return. The problem is that the timing control and analysis are not accurate enough. And want to be accurate is not careful can do.

Investors need to have a certain business foresight, but also need to have strategy and courage. The coin ring is exactly the same. Looking at the people who now hold bitcoin one by one to become a huge rich, who does not envy, but blind investment is to their own great irresponsibility.

In fact, it is easy to expand the channels of information by writing media reports. The beneficiaries of Bitcoin are the same.

Everyone knows that Bitcoin holders are now rich, but what people don’t know is that they are the only few long-term holders of bitcoin. Maybe more than 99% of the people have already left.

When we look up to 1% of the winners, we inevitably think of ourselves as lucky, but the truth is very cruel.

Many people themselves know little about encrypted money and don’t know what it means, so it’s easy to flick. See small money, lose a lot of money to do things should not be a few.

As the ancestor of encrypted currency and the most valuable one, Bitcoin has its own preemptive advantage and naturally has shortcomings. First of all, his number is generally limited, without it, he will not produce new bitcoin.

The demand for Bitcoin mining machines is now very high, and hundreds of thousands of investments should be basic. But the returns have begun to plummet.

At the same time, not all countries agree on the value of bitcoin and exchange peers, so people who may hold bitcoin can trade on some third-party platforms. But its legal effectiveness and security are not protected by specific provisions of the law.

But if you have a certain amount of knowledge, investment strategy and vision, Bitcoin, as an asset with a fairly high return this year, is worth doing. Still that sentence: investment is risky, admission should be cautious.

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