Another milestone! Rising, the global encrypted currency total market value exceeded $1 trillion!

CoinMarketCap data show that the total market value of the world’s encrypted currency exceeds $1 trillion and is now about $100.508 billion. Bitcoin has a total market value of $688.523 billion, or 68.5 percent of the total market value.

According to CryptoCompare data released by British research firm, the total daily trading volume of encrypted currencies reached $68.3 billion on Monday, more than five times the daily average of 2020($13.1 billion), the highest daily record, thanks to the recent surge in Bitcoin prices.

Bitcoin prices hit a record high of $34800 last Sunday. But by Monday, the cryptocurrency price had fallen below $28,000, down 17 per cent in the day, its biggest one-day decline since March 2020. But then there was a rebound. Now continue to break through the new high, to the high above 37.

As bitcoin prices returned to more than $30,000 again, big banks began to focus on bitcoin, and some even made bold price forecasts. In the long run, bitcoin prices are expected to rise to $146000, jpmorgan said.

The latest forecast also points out that given Bitcoin as a “substitute currency” for gold, Bitcoin will have a huge room for rise in the long run. Jpmorgan and others say the outlook for bitcoin remains very optimistic in the long run.

The second-largest cryptocurrency, the etheric currency, also hit its highest level since january 2018 on monday at $1170. Although the price of etheric coins is not as soaring as bitcoin, its price is accelerating.

At present, the market value of Ethernet Square rose to 70 th in global assets. ETH market value has surpassed JingDong, which currently has a market value of about $137.167 billion.

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