American retail investors find new targets and throw money crazy! From Dogecoin money to silver all the way up!

Many securities companies limit early Reddit forum hot stock GME and other transactions and raise margin, unable to open stock positions of American retail investors crazy money to the new goal.

Spot silver once rose 6.5, before the silver price in the Reddit was discussed.

Some forum users posted that silver should be at $1000 instead of $25. Silver and gold markets are one of the most manipulated markets on earth. The paper-based white-silver hollowing will be epic. Banks are manipulating gold and silver to cover up real inflation. In both industrial and monetary cases, silver is the best way to hedge money inflation. Why not push silver?

Affected by this, silver rose more than 6 ETF SLV day.

Dogecoin rose more than 190 percent in the day after the U.S. retail gathering Reddit forum mentioned the asset.

One post ,” Dogecoin is the next GME/ bitcoin ,” said it would be an incredible achievement to get Dogecoin to $1 a coin (currently about $0.01), which completely changed the encryption market and sent Dogecoin to the moon.

At one point, American Airlines rose more than 80 percent. On the Reddit forum, Air America was mentioned as saying whether Air America is the next GME.

Although the airline expects revenue to fall 60% to 65% in the first quarter, delaying the delivery of 18 737 MAX aircraft, it has not stopped retail enthusiasm. But after U.S. stocks opened Thursday, U.S. Airline gains narrowed to less than 10 percent.

Recently, the WSB sub-forum on the Reddit forum has become a new generation of “point stones” because of the popularity of the game post GME the war on Wall Street, and many of the stocks it focuses on have skyrocketed. Some netizens even joked that the recent boom in hot stocks is the real FANG.

Stanley CEO said early Thursday that Reddit shareholders would be hit. Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian said the boom in short-selling stocks at institutions such as GME marked a turning point in the US investment landscape :” I do think this is a groundbreaking moment. I don’t think we can go back to the old world, because these online communities are by-products of the Internet age, which is the new normal .”

U. S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi said he would make every effort to review GME-related issues.

As these short-flying hot stocks failed to open, retail investors turned to hot stocks mentioned in other forums, pushing up Thursday’s shares of silver, dog money, American Airlines and so on.

However, after the opening of the market, the early retail group forced short stocks crazy situation, some suspension. Although Thursday’s GameStop set a record high of nearly $500 in GME, it then fell sharply. AMC,Express, BlackBerry shares are halved or near.

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