​Diginex CEO: expect DeFi market to 10 times its current level next year

Diginex chief executive Richard Byworth said the DeFi is expected to grow 10 times in 2021.

“We have seen a tenfold increase in the balance of lending this year, from $1 billion to about $10 billion. I think as Bitcoin enters 2021, we may see these balances grow again to 10 times the current level.

And that’s what developing asset classes really need —— You need to be able to borrow these assets so you can short them or offer them as positions, for financing, etc. This is how we view the growth of the industry .”

He also predicted that Japan, the United States and other countries will promote CBDC research and development.

With regard to institutional hosting, he said that third-party hosting would become a real demand for institutions to enter the bitcoin field, more broadly into digital assets. These institutions can not host their own bitcoin.

And they can’t sit there holding Ledger、Trezor and waiting for the encrypted money wallet. They can’t sit on the exchange with the balance. so they need reliable custodians with third party supervision.

With regard to Bitcoin ETF, he said ,” there are a lot of credible participants who have obviously been working hard to advance the ETF. of Bitcoin The current product is a little limited in supply. For investors seeking equity access to the asset class, having a suitable ETF in the sector would be a better option .”

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