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Submit your #PiPhase2 video!

As we embark upon Phase 2 on Pi Day 2020, we are creating a video to showcase the reach and diversity of our global community. In addition to video feedback on our strategic plan series, we also encourage submissions of social content following the instructions below. To participate, upload a video to Instagram or Twitter using the #PiPhase2 hashtag.

Video Instructions:

Start the video by saying “Happy Pi Day! Welcome to Pi Phase 2!” in your own language.

Take a selfie video in front of your favorite local setting.

Include in the caption “location (city, country)”, “language” and “username” (optional) in English.

Note: by submitting you agree that your video can be used for #PiPhase2 video’’.

翻譯:提交你的#PiPhase2 video!

當我們開始2020年Pi Day的第二階段時,我們正在製作一個視頻來展示我們全球社區的複蓋面和多樣性。除了視頻反饋我們的戰略計劃系列,我們也鼓勵提交社會內容遵循以下指示。要參與,上傳視頻到Instagram or Twitter #PiPhase2


視頻一開始就用自己的語言說“快樂Pi Day!歡迎來到Pi第二階段!”



注意:提交您同意您的視頻可以用於#PiPhase2 video‘’。


大家可以錄製視頻上傳到Instagram or Twitter #PiPhase2

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